In a cozy village nestled between the mountains of Haiti, lived a young boy named Ti-Jean. Ti-Jean was known for his boundless curiosity and love for music. One day, while exploring the lush forest, he stumbled upon an old drum hidden beneath the leaves. Little did he know, this drum was no ordinary drum—it was a magical drum that would take him on an unforgettable journey.

Ti-Jean picked up the drum and tapped it gently. To his astonishment, the drum emitted a melodic sound that echoed through the trees. Intrigued, Ti-Jean decided to play a rhythm he had heard at his village’s “fèt” (celebration). As he played, the drum’s magic came to life, and suddenly, he found himself in a vibrant carnival in Port-au-Prince.

The streets were alive with music, dance, and colorful costumes. Ti-Jean watched in awe as people moved to the rhythm of the “rara” (festive music). He joined the parade, feeling the energy of the crowd and shouting “An n al!” (Let’s go!) with excitement.

Ti-Jean continued to play the drum, and it transported him to different parts of Haiti. In the northern mountains, he met “Tonton Nwèl” (Santa Claus) and sang “Bòn Nwèl” (Merry Christmas) with joy. In the south, he tasted “akasan” (cornmeal porridge) and learned to say “Manje!” (Eat!).

As his adventure unfolded, Ti-Jean encountered friendly animals like “Ti Kok” (Little Rooster) and “Ti Babin” (Little Goat). He used his drum to communicate with them and exchanged laughter and stories.

As the sun began to set, Ti-Jean knew his time with the magical drum was coming to an end. He played a final tune of gratitude and whispered, “Mèsi anpil” (Thank you very much). The drum gently transported him back to his village.

Ti-Jean returned home with a heart full of memories and a new understanding of his culture. He shared his magical journey with his family and friends, teaching them the phrases and experiences he had learned.

And so, Ti-Jean’s encounter with the magical drum became a treasured tale in his village—a reminder of the enchanting power of music, the beauty of Haiti’s traditions, and the joy of discovery.